Student Council


The mission of Lakeview Student Council is to explore the process of student government with the goal of making LMS the best it can be for all students and staff.   This is completed through the lens of the Lakeview Middle School mission statement: Teach, inspire, learn, each student moving to high levels.

Membership Responsibilities:

  • Give the students a voice in the school by attending weekly meetings
  • Give back to the community through your service of choice
  • Organize a variety of school events 
    • school dances, school assemblies, homecoming parades, school mixers
  • Make the school the best it can be through a variety of service activities 
    • new student mentorship, welcoming committees, teacher appreciation, building service, fundraising
  • Be a positive role model for your peers 
  • Leadership projects, ROAR, involvement, behavior, academics

The student applicaton process is held in the spring for our current 6th & 7th graders.  If you are a 5th grader interested in StuCo in middle school, the application process will take place the fall of your 6th grade year.  This will all be communicated to students through daily announcements.  We will also include our timelines in our parent newsletter.  All StuCo information can be found in the Lakeview StuCo Schoology Group which student members have access to.
2nd Semester StuCo Meeting Dates

The Lakeview StuCo sponsors are Lesley Mathes and Casie Schmid.  Please contact them with any questions/concerns about the program.  Thank you!

Lesley Mathes

Casie Schmid