Online Learning Resources

I know this pandemic and its restrictions can be frustrating, so here's a graph to give you a visual explanation of why we are all doing what we are doing. By doing online or hybrid learning, you and your family are truly helping to stop this COVID-19 virus from spreading. Take a look!  COVID-19 Transmssion Graphic  Thank you for doing your part! 

Below is what will likely be an ever-growing list of resources for students and teachers to use, primarily to help us all get through our period of social isolation during the COVID-19 virus outbreak, but perhaps some resources will prove useful in the future to help with lessons in the classroom. If you, students and teachers, find any online resources that you think are particularly useful and engaging, contact me and I'll consider adding them to this list. 


Center for Disease Control (CDC)  Website for information on symptoms, guidelines, and recommendations. 

Johns Hopkins University Coronavirus Resource Center  Website to help create a better understanding of the virus and keep everyone informed. 

Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services  Website for information related to COVID-19 and other health issues.

Platte County Health Department  Information on the changes to Platte County Health Department services. Call before you arrive. 

UMKC LibGuide on Coronavirus  A multi-lingual guide providing information the pubic needs to know about the virus and a site to virus-related facts. 


The Louvre Museum, Paris, France

Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), New York City  Take a virtual tour through the Google Arts and Culture App. Modern Art.

The J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles, CA  Take a virtual tour through the Google Arts and Culture App. A wide variety of art from the 8th century to the 21st century. 

National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Seoul, South Korea Take a virtual tour through the Google Arts and Culture App. Modern Art. 

"Draw Everyday with JJK"  Short drawing lessons on Author/Illustrator, Jarrett J. Krosoczka's, YouTube channel


COVID-19 Storybook  Very simple storybook that explains COVID-19. Interactive. Free to download. Multiple languages. Open Educational Resource. Good for a quick and simple explanation and to read to younger family members. 

Neal Shusterman Reading His Own Books  Link to YouTube where Neal Shusterman reads his own works. 

Jarrett Lerner Comic Books  Visit this author's website to finish comics he started. 

Where the Heart Is, Jo Knowles  Author Jo Knowles, will read from her book and provide a writing assignment. 


Anne Frank's House  Take a virtual tour through the Google Arts and Culture App. 

Ford's Theater   Take a virtual tour through the Google Arts and Culture App. Tour the theater where Abraham Lincoln was assassinated. 

Private Tour of WWII Museum  

Tour the American Civil Rights Museum


Smithsonian Museum of Natural History, Washington, D.C. 

Kansas City Zoo  24/7 Penguin Cam. Do I need to say anything more???

My Hero Environmental Films  Middle school appropriate short films on the environment. 

March Mammal Madness


Multiplying Fractions  A short video tutorial on multiplying fractions with different denominators because, honestly, I know I need a reminder. 

Khan Academy 6th Grade Math

Khan Academy 7th Grade Math

Khan Academy 8th Grade Math

Khan Academy Pre-Algebra

Khan Academy Algebra Basics

Khan Academy Algebra I

Khan Academy is an excellent website for video tutorials and practice problems.