General/Primary Resources

link to Explora Middle School

                link to Mid-Continent Library

           link to EBSCO

Explora - Access this great database.
Mid-Continent's Databases - *Library card required. See Mrs. Robaska for assistance.
EBSCO - lots of        
research options
including databases!

link to Fact Monster
 link to A Research Guide

National Archives - History primary resource.
Fact Monster A Research Guide - Helps with all aspects of writing papers.
 link to National Geographic Education
                   link to Ducksters biography

           link to InfoPlease
National Geographic Education Duckster Biographies - A great place to learn about famous people.
 link to Time for Kids                            
link to America's Story Library of Congress
Time for Kids Library of Congress America's Story
 link to DK Find Out             link to Wonderopolis
The CIA World Factbook - Researching a country? Need information on population? This site has up-to-date information sponsored by the CIA.
DK Find Out Wonderopolis
 link to Atlapedia

Atlapedia Online contains full color
physical maps, political maps, as well 
as key facts and statistics on countries of the world.







(Link to Mid-Continent's databases.  Must have a 
library card.)
link to EBSCO